Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beginning

Transmission number: 2

Date: June 23 2086

I don't know how to begin on how this would happen.  The day flashes before my eyes like a deadly twisting nightmare.  Am I really alone?  Is there some one out there? am I doing the right thing?  I cannot think, all I see is there faces, twisted in there last moments.  Maybe if I tell then the pain will leave.  That's what I will do.  I will tell what is happening know and last.  I should begin four days ago.

I was awoken late in the night by the screeching sirens.  I instantly sat up and looked around, nothing.  I quickly looked at the glowing numbers of  my clock, 2:23 am, with a groan I sat back.  Why did they have to do this drill know?  I thought to myself.  I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and onto the cool hardwood floor.  I stood slowly, covering my ears against the shrieking of the siren.

With a Bang the door to my room burst open and my mom ran in.  My mother was tall and pretty with long pin-strate brown hair and deep green eyes.  I looked just like her only my hair was as straight and my features not so sharp.  "Brin!"  she called my name, her eyes flashed around the room.

"Mom?"  I softly asked stepping into the light.  She spun around and looked at me with her calm eyes.

Come one!  We must go!"  She said, her voice was shaking ever so slightly.

"What's wrong?"  I asked her slowly.

"Just a drill darling.  Just a drill,"  She said the last part to herself, as she knelt next to my bed to retrieve my emergency pack.  She stood, her eyes darting to the window.  Something was up.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the hall.  I promptly shook my hand from her grip.

"What is going on!"  I demanded.  She took me by my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

"Nothing is wrong!" She said.  "Everything will be okay,"  She gave me a small calming smile took my hand and pulled me down the stairs and into the Fowler were my farther stood.  My father was a scientist. (what he did I had no Idea.) He was tall, like my mother, with wavy blond hair, grey eyes, and a kind face.  But at the moment his face was shrouded in worry, his knuckles were white from holding his emergency bag.

"Come on we must leave!"  He shouted at us over the screaming alarm.  Mother bustled me out the back door with farther behind us.

"Open!"  Mother commanded and the door slid open.  I shielded my eyes against the blaring light that cut huge swaths in the night.  The night sky was a glow of purple black read and yellow, like a sickening bruise.  People were running through the streets trying to get to the shelters.

  Farther came up behind me and clamped his hand firmly on my shoulder.  "Be brave Brin,"  He whispered softly into my ear.  He the straightened and walked over to mother and whispered something into her ear.  She nodded and grabbed my hand and led me past our shelter.


"Shh,"  My mother cut me off with a stern glance.  Farther looked behind him at us, his grey eyes wild.

"We must hurry,"  he said again looking up at the sky.  He stopped scanning the area abruptly cursed under his breathe and rushed at me.  With a yelp he picked me up and began to run with mother at his side.  I was to shocked to say anything so I hid my face in his arm feeling as the branches pulled at my clothes.

Less the a minute later we stopped.  I opened my eyes and father put me down.  We were in a clearing in the middle of the woods.  Farther rushed forward and waved his hand a glowing key pad appeared.  Farther typed something and the keypad and it blinked out and a trap door slid open to reveal a stair case.

Mother pushed me forward and gave me the bags.  "Go down sweety!  We will be there in a second," she smiled softly at me.

"Yes mother,"  I said softly.  She hugged me and kissed the top of my head.

"I love,"  She said softly.

"I love you both!"  I said and farther hugged me and kissed my head.

"Go my daughter,"  He said softly and I stepped into the stair case, walked down a few steps and looked back into time to see Farther put his arm around mothers waist and kiss, the door slid shut.  I gulped and made my way down the steps till finally when my legs were burning and I was gasping for breathe I came to a steel door.  There was a projector and I waved in front of it.

Name, came the emotionless voice.

"Brin Trinity,"


"355,"  The code was given to everyone in town, mine was 355 which meant lady or woman.  The doors hissed and slid open.  I gasped, the doers were three feet thick and went far into the wall.  When it stopped I went into the room, and the doors thudded behind me, the lights came on.  I was in a room packed with cans three beds, emergency packs, a bathroom, desk, chest, table, tiny halo stove, and a radio cube.  I set our bags on the beds and walked over to the radio and turned it on.

More on the news of the attacks. I paused, "Oh my god." I went back and listened.  The nuclear attacks on America is happening all over the world, it truly is world war three.  Known missiles are heading towards us.  We will stay on the air as long as we can.
I knew instantly this wasn't a drill.  I jumped up knocking over the chair and rushed over to the door and began to bang on it.  "Open up!"  I screamed, my knuckles began to bleed.

I'm sorry 355 no one gets in and no one gets out till threat has been eliminated.  I screamed again and began to sob still hitting my fists against the door creating bloody marks on it.

"MOM! DAD!"  I sobbed.  "Please! NO!"  I slid down still softly banging on the door.  "no no no. NO!"  I sobbed curling myself into a ball, in the back round god bless America was playing.  The song ended and the man began to speak again just one line and my world exploded.  Just one line.

Oh my god.  The radio went dead.  I looked up and then there was a bang.  A scream tore from my lips, as the room shook and the lights flickered out.  I was thrown across the room and my head hit the wall and my vision dimmed.


I woke to find myself curled against the far wall with my head throbbing with something sticky on it.  I raised my fist that were red and raw to my face to find a gash the was still bleeding over my eyebrow.  I winced and sat up, that was when the events of last night hit.  I curled up again and began to sob silently.  After ten minutes I looked up.  "Computer!"

Yes 355?

What is the condition of the outside.

Radiation is at an all time high with devastation, and no visible life signs.  The was a click and the halo screen turned on and showed a wasteland.  The sky was orange purple black and yellow filled with gasses.  There were no trees and the buildings were just random debris that survived the blast.  Nothing was there absolutely nothing.  This was just the beginning.

I must stop know.

Please if you are out there then please help!  This transmission is run through every still active satellite.  If anyone is out there then know this you are not alone.