Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good news for me!

Ok sorry, I'm in my computer class at the moment with the rest of the period to do what I want and I just thought hey why not come here? So any way I'm extremely happy!

Enough of that you want to here about The 355 and Amara! So I already had the first three thousands of words done on Amara I think I'll post three or four chapters of that through out the month. And NO I did not cheat on Nano I had already written it before writing Amara and When I got the 355 in my head I decided What the hell I'll conect the stories into a sequel! I havent touched it in a while and I'm rather nervous about it! CAn't wait for amara well chew on this!

"We were all fifteen, we had no leader. Well I guess we did have a leader but she was stupid got herself captured and sent to the arena we never saw her again, she was sixteen and stupid. We would not make the same mistake as she did. We will survive, we will escape, and not give in. Never will we see the bloodstained arena. Never will we fight each other, never shall we be captured. Never, we never will. We will stand in the light and try to bring in the former glory of New New York back." From June chapter two.