Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Star Steel

Transmission number: 3

Date: June 24 2086

The dream comes back to haunt me.  Every night the clues that I should of known come to me in a torrent.  It's bean haunting my mind since I first slept that day.

Aney and I slowly crept through the halls of my house.  It was early morning and the golden rays of sunlight streamed through the large windows.  We both giggled knowing what we were doing and what would happen if we got caught.  We were on a deadly adventure to sneak in my dad's office.

We finally made it to the door to Father's office.  I put my ear up against the door and listened, nothing but silence.  I gave the thumbs up to Anney who gave me a grin.  I twisted the brass door handle in the shape of a serpent's head.  We stepped in the sun drenched office.  There on the desk sat the glowing halo screen.  We crept to the dark brown leather chair and sat on it.

The desk was clean with only the picture of me and my mother, the neat stack of pens, and his halo screen computer.  But what caught our eye was the folder with a big red classified stamped across it.  My eyes grew wide and I stretched my hand slowly to open it.  I turned to Anney who was also looking at the folder.  She nodded towards me.

The flipped the folder open and diagram after diagram spilled out.  All with the title star steel tech on it.  "What the..."  I began only to have anney clamp her hand over my mouth.  She held her finger to her mouth, then turned towards the door, were I heard voices.  We silently stood closed the folder and quickly left the room in time to see Farther in his lab coat talking with a group of military men.  They looked at us sternly and entered the office and shut the door.

We both pressed our ear to the door.  "The war... Coming... Is it ready?"  A man asked.

"Yes project Star steel is up and running lets hope we don't have to use it."  The the hall began to cloud and I was falling till I was out side with people running and screaming in a city.  Up ahead were streaks of light coming closer and closer.  Till the were nearly there and the earth was gone with a ball of fire coming towards me.

My eyes flashed open.  I sat up straight in the un-familiar bed with a major headache.  I looked around and sat back with a groan as last nights events flashed through my head.  I couldn't believe that I even slept at all.  "Computer what time is it?"

Local time 10:17 a.m.

I slowly got up and looked more closely at my surroundings the room was about the sizes of my bedroom.  The walls were concrete, I was sleeping on a triple bunk on the bottom.  Leading off from the main room was a tiny bathroom.  A tiny book case sat at the end of the bunk filled to the brim with Atlases maps survival books, and a few actual books.  A tiny sink and stove rested in the far corner near the store of canned and boxed food.  A large wooden chest sat on the opposite wall with the table and the glowing radio cube.

I walked over the emergency chest with the red cross and pulled out a rather large bottle of aspirin and dry swallowed one, then went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.  My brown hair was messy with twigs and leaves and dried blood.  I ran the tap and slowly washed my face and plucked the leaves and twigs from my hair.  I stripped down and got into the tiny shower and washed the grim and dirt from hair.  The water wasn't the warmest but it felt good running down my shoulders.

After my shower I walked out and found my emergency pack.  I pulled it up to the middle level, then crawled up and pulled the black bag onto my lap.  The bag was large and black, like a normal backpack, but on the top was a silver star.  I opened it up and found two shirts one tank one long sleeve, two pairs of pants on shorts and one skinny jeans, three water bottles and some food.  I took it out and found to my surprise my Ipod, and a tiny photo book.  The cover was shiny black with the same star on it, inside it was filled of pictures of family and friends.  I tear slowly slid down my face, I quickly wiped it away and slammed the book shut then jumped off the bed.  I sighed and slid down the wall.


Yes 355?

"Any signs of life?"

My readings say no.  I sighed and looked around the room when something caught my eye.  It was a black chest.  I slowly stood up and walked over to the trunk that was hidden in the shadow.  There was another star on it with again the words STAR STEEL.  What was star steel?

Please if you are out there then please help!  This transmission is run through every still active satellite.  If anyone is out there then know this you are not alone.