Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blessing or curse

Transmission number: 4

Date: June 27 2086

That chest that logo that name is what helps me to survive these oh so long days that I spend just hoping to be found. It was also the cause of my pain! Maybe if I had asked or spied on my farther a little more, or even just opened my eyes to the world I would of seen it coming. All I can say is stupid star steel.

I softly ran my hand over the smooth black chest and the silver star. I softly put my hands on the lock and flicked it open then opened the lid. Inside was a strange assortment of items. Three black jump suites with silver attachments in different sizes. Another three sites like the first three only short sleeved and shorts. Three pairs of black thigh high boots. Three thick black bomber jackets. A flare gun and about twelve more flares, three flashlights, three whistles, a large emergency box. Then a tube like contraption with a filter at the top that led of to a tube then another cylinder, a keypad was at the side with a thick rubber bottom. There was a large tent, emergency radio, an old time spy glass, lots of rope and climbing gear, goggles snorkel and fins. I raised an eyebrow and pulled out snow shoes, knives, then what looked to be the hilt of a katana. Next came large backpacks. Finally I came the last item a book.

The cover was glossy black with the words star steel embossed in silver lettering. I opened it up and found to my surprise it was a handbook to everything in there. I sighed and climbed up into my bed and opened the page to the intro.

Dear Reader,
If you are reading this then there has been a nuclear fall out. Do not fear for it is just a new beginning. The Star Steel project has been around for fifteen years making items that will be helpful in everyday life.  Everything is made of star steel and will be guaranteed to last for a centuries.
Jonah Trinity.

I gave a gasp,  My farther helped to create this stuff?  I quickly flipped a few pages and came to a page with the picture of the suites on it.

The suites are made of star steel. (A mixture of titanium, spider silk, and meteorite.) helps to keep the heat in or to keep you cool, for the changing temperatures of outside.  Along with the boots they are all weather and fire resistant and wont ware down.

Next was the tube thingy.

The water filter is able to filter any liquid and make it into drinkable water.  Put the water into the top and press the green button.  The waste will filter out into the second chamber and will be sterilized.  The disks in the boxes that have been provided are different broths and teas.  Put a disk into the pure water and press the red button.  The broth and tea will heat up.

Next the hilt.

To activate the blade press one of the three buttons on the side.

I took up the hilt and pressed the top button and a large blade of glowing black extended. I pressed the button again and flipped through the book reading everything till I finaly came to the last page with another note.

In this terrible time the world is made a new.  It is both a blessing and a curse.  Treat it as both and you will be fine.  you have the power to rebuild this nation.  To keep the peace and to stop the wars.  We had our chance and we will not get a third.  The wait of the world rests on you.

Please if you are out there then please help!  This transmission is run through every still active satellite.  If anyone is out there then know this you are not alone.