Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hound of Music

Ok so one more. Do you think this cute little pup should go on American Idol?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wanting more Cute Baby Animals?

Help me help me!

Something to lighten the mood!

Worlds cutest cat? Heck YES!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone just wanted to0 say happy holidays, and a quick message to everyone please put our dear classmate stephen in your prayers, he was a good kid gone before his time! Stop bullies it could save a life! We love you stephen!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And the winner is!

Drum roll please! *silence* ok then... The winner of the cover is the first one with two of four votes!

Ok that is done now!
Any way I am working on a short side story of the 355 lives. Different charecters different place darker and older! Tide something major from the book to the story! It might or not be a full length story probably a novella. Happy Christmas/holdays/yule to you all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OH NO!!!!!!

Due to wraith of my mother school and drivers ed I have been banned from Nano this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry I'm doing make up Nano all December long becuase I got a large chunk of it done! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was getting to the good part!

Any way happy Doctor Who day! 47 years and 11 doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dressed up as Rose becuase well I'm blonde.... Also the POLL!!!!!!!!! PLEASE VOTE YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS LEFT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else I shall be sad :(.

and know Amara teaser!

They had both my arms and were dragging me closer to the van to my death to the pits. I dug my heels in but they just slid as the pulled harder. Suddenly something jerked on my back and I was pulled upwards my arm ggiving a pop as one of the Force tried to grab hold of me better. I screamed as I raced upwards and into the arms of a dark clad figure...

Not the exact words but oh well! Happy Turkey day!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cover Poll time!

As I promised here are the covers for Amara! The first is the original the second is the newer one! Vote on the side poll please!



Day three and guess what!

Ok so I'm completely behind schedule on the novel folks! I need to get 5k done by tonight to be on schedule! That means only one thing can save me! Drum roll please! .........


My secret. Ok not so secret, little cheat! With out it I would of failed my novel from last year! Just think of the worlds state with out a completed draft of 'The 355 Lives!" Ok not such a big deal I get it!

Amara the sequel is going great however! So far I've gotten the prologue and two parts of the first part/chapter June down! Already there is murder a chase scene on hover boards, and a h4wt emo dude named Banna, explosions, two teen pyros, a domed future 1984 ish city!!! Haha yes I'm strange! I cant help it though! How ever I am working on a cover I got one down and I'm not happy with it I just finished the second and will be posting both for you three readers to vote on which one would be better!
Amanda out!
PS thank god for long weekends!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good news for me!

Ok sorry, I'm in my computer class at the moment with the rest of the period to do what I want and I just thought hey why not come here? So any way I'm extremely happy!

Enough of that you want to here about The 355 and Amara! So I already had the first three thousands of words done on Amara I think I'll post three or four chapters of that through out the month. And NO I did not cheat on Nano I had already written it before writing Amara and When I got the 355 in my head I decided What the hell I'll conect the stories into a sequel! I havent touched it in a while and I'm rather nervous about it! CAn't wait for amara well chew on this!

"We were all fifteen, we had no leader. Well I guess we did have a leader but she was stupid got herself captured and sent to the arena we never saw her again, she was sixteen and stupid. We would not make the same mistake as she did. We will survive, we will escape, and not give in. Never will we see the bloodstained arena. Never will we fight each other, never shall we be captured. Never, we never will. We will stand in the light and try to bring in the former glory of New New York back." From June chapter two.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost here!

Ok hey everyone! Its little old me! Know I have a few seconds before my computer class ends so I just want to say what is comming up this year in november! So I'm doing the sequel Amara. The story takes place in the future when the axis group has taken control of New New York, and centers around a girls (Amara) and her friends fighting back against the city. I'll have the prologue (Along the one with The 355 Lives) soon so stay tuned my faithful 2 readers!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

museing about books and muse

hey everyone! First off I would like to say I never heard back from the agency so I guess it was a no, but good news is I sent it to another one!

Okay now I've been looking at books (like I always do) just a moment ago and I say one I LOVE! Until it said and then she met him... As you can probably tell Romance is not my cup of tea, I'm rather fond of blood and gore and NOT kissing. Then if I decide eh the guy isn't really a main charecter then I realize that the female role is to perfect for her own good! (AKA a MAry Sue) At this point I'm ready to strangle her and tell her that getting a little dirty and a little un perfect is a good thing! Then if the guys a main charecter too then the girl is alwaaaaaays a geek and the guy is a sexy dark angel/vampire/warewolf/magic user/spy or something else (Cough Twilight cough)

Then theres the thing with the Vampires! There not SUPPOSED to be sparkly shiny good smelling and friendly! There supposed to be all I want to drink your blood! Not anti social hotties!

And NOW THE QUESTION BEING ASKED AND FOUGHT OVER EVERY WHERE!!!! HAS MUSE BEEN SLOWLY RUINED BY TWILIGHT!!!!!!! the answer is that yes muse has deviated from Absolution and Supermassive Black hole since Twilight and there new single Nuetron Star Collision. The truth is that there new music is NOT ABOUT TWILIGHT YOU TWIHARD!!! This is something that got me annoyed at reading comments from there CD THE RESISTANCE, ex 'Muse has Created the perfect Sound Track for twilight!' Their new CD is not ABOUT TWILIGHT!!!! It's about the AMAZING BOOK 1984! In the title song the say Thought Police the secret spies in 1984 and the song tells about Helen and Winston's secret love. Then there is United states of Eurasia is apart of 1984 then it also says the The Resitance Album is in fact about 1984. In all muse has not been ruined by Twilight! Us fighting is ruining Muse!

ummmmmm, tell me what you think about this! Tell and comment!

Friday, May 14, 2010

long time?

Hey everyone! It's me! I would like to say for all my readers to PLEASE CROSS YOUR FINGERS! I have sent out another query to another agency and I have a good feeling about this! Also I will be posting a never before seen prologue! So stay tuned folks!!!