Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day three and guess what!

Ok so I'm completely behind schedule on the novel folks! I need to get 5k done by tonight to be on schedule! That means only one thing can save me! Drum roll please! .........


My secret. Ok not so secret, little cheat! With out it I would of failed my novel from last year! Just think of the worlds state with out a completed draft of 'The 355 Lives!" Ok not such a big deal I get it!

Amara the sequel is going great however! So far I've gotten the prologue and two parts of the first part/chapter June down! Already there is murder a chase scene on hover boards, and a h4wt emo dude named Banna, explosions, two teen pyros, a domed future 1984 ish city!!! Haha yes I'm strange! I cant help it though! How ever I am working on a cover I got one down and I'm not happy with it I just finished the second and will be posting both for you three readers to vote on which one would be better!
Amanda out!
PS thank god for long weekends!